Following is a list of Lamorinda hikes that are undiscovered to varying degrees – all of which I’ll eventually write a blog post about.  If you know about a great, off-the-beaten track hike in the Lamorinda area that’s not listed here, please send me an email and I’ll add it to the list.

Lafayette Area

Burton Valley – Hunsaker Canyon Barn Walk

Burton Valley – Las Trampas Peak

Burton Valley – Hunsaker Ridge Hike

Burton Valley – Lucas Ridge

Happy Valley – Russell Peak Loop

Briones – Bear Creek Loop

Briones – Bear Creek Trail

Briones – Oursan Trail

Acalanes – Lafayette Ridge Feeder Loops (John Kiefer Loop)

Downtown – Lafayette Ridge Feeder Loops (Peter Jakovina Loop)

Springhill – Sunrise Trail Loop

Moraga Area

St. Mary’s College – St Mary’s Peak Loop

Valley Vista Staging Area – Kings Canyon Loop Trail – if you like the Reservoir Rim Trail then you’ll like this!

Valley Vista Staging Area – Redwood Trail

Valley Vista Staging Area – The “Mountain Lion” Trail

Old Moraga Ranch Trail

Rancho Laguna Park – Rocky Ridge Trail

Rancho Laguna Park – Carr Ranch Loop Trail

Orinda Area

de Laveaga Trail

Briones Bear Creek Trail

Canyon Area

Redwood Park Loop (from Pinehurst Gate Staging Area)

Backdoor to Huckleberry Preserve (starting in Canyon)

Eastport to Sibley Loop (starting in Canyon)

McCosker Loop Trail (starting in Canyon)

French Trail Loop (over the hill from Canyon, off of Redwood Road)

Oakland/Berkeley Hills

Grizzly Peak – Claremont Canyon Lookout

Old Tunnel Road – Skyline Trail to Sibley

Old Tunnel Road – Skyline Trail to Tilden


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  1. Andy June 22, 2015 at 9:32 pm #

    What a great resource. Thank you!

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