Help Keep this Blog Current

9 Mar

It’s been truly rewarding to add more and more hikes to since 2012. Unfortunately, I moved out of the Lamorinda area in 2021 and won’t be able to check on trails and write up articles on my favorite hikes like I used to. But with your help I hope to keep the web site online and as up to date as possible. So, two things:

a) Hike Updates – If you hike one of the trails described and notice anything that’s changed and think the hike description needs to be updated – please just let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email.. I’m happy to make updates and edits to any of the posts.

b) New Hikes – If you have a favorite undiscovered hike in the Lamorinda area that’s not already described, I invite you to write up a description (with a few photos if possible) and send it to me. I’d be happy to post hikes written up by other enthusiastic hikers!

Thanks for your help!

One Response to “Help Keep this Blog Current”

  1. Shannon March 10, 2023 at 1:41 am #

    I love your blog. Hiked several of your published hiked that I never would have known about. Thank you for doing this!

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